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Income Tax Preparation Services & Small Business Tax Planning

The key to minimizing or avoiding tax exposure is proper tax planning. The tax experts at Welgaard have the knowledge and depth of experience to help you develop a personal tax plan tailored to meet all of your tax and financial goals — in language you understand. Our professional tax services also incorporate business tax preparation for small businesses, including family businesses and companies in industries such as construction, real estate and agriculture.

Income Tax Preparation Services for Individuals

We believe in taking a proactive approach to accounting and tax services, and that means considering tax needs throughout the year — not just when tax season rolls around. Our team is always up to date on the latest tax laws, procedures and processes in order to provide you with the best and most complete tax prep services available.

At Welgaard, we can identify key tax planning opportunities throughout the year, and we can work to plan financial decisions that minimize current and future tax liabilities. Our goal is to help you preserve the equity you have worked so hard to build.

Beyond income tax preparation services, our professional tax services for individuals include recommendations for tax-saving strategies and serving as your advocate and advisor for any additional tax-related topics.

In summary, here are Welgaard’s tax prep services for individuals:

  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Reviewing Tax Withholding Information
  • IRS Audit Representation
  • Representation for Other Tax Agency Audits

Contact our Des Moines CPA teams in Pella and Urbandale, or reach out to our Missouri CPA professionals in Bethany and Stanberry. If you have any questions about our individual income tax preparation services, we would love to connect with you.

Business Tax Preparation and Small Business Tax Planning Services

Every business faces the reality of business tax preparation requirements. Beyond simply helping you prepare and file all required tax forms, our team wants to be involved in business tax planning throughout the year. Welgaard team members will regularly advise you and your business to make sure it functions in a compliant and tax-efficient manner.

We understand that your personal finances are integrally linked to your business finances. We view the two holistically and offer advice on both fronts. For example, while offering professional tax services for your small business, we can also offer advice on topics such as wealth management and retirement planning. We aim to give financial advice that can be integrated across all aspects of your personal life and your business, ultimately strengthening your overall financial position.

Our business tax preparation expertise extends across many different industries, including:


Our firm is in the heart of the midwest, and many of our clients are connected to the agriculture industry. Many Welgaard team members have farming backgrounds, so we have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the agriculture industry.

From closely held family farms to large corporate farms and grain elevators, we provide the sophisticated advisory, accounting and tax services required in agricultural businesses. We have industry-specific training and knowledge in farm income tax preparation services and small business tax planning for farmers.


The Welgaard team understands the complexity of business tax preparation needs for our clients in the construction industry. We provide our contractors with business consulting services coupled with tax planning and tax prep services. Welgaard staff will ensure you remain compliant with sales tax requirements, payroll, bookkeeping, and financial statements.

Real Estate

For clients that are investors in real estate, we can advise on the best tax structure for your real estate portfolio. We always strive to give customized advice to fit your unique situation and your specific needs and goals. Welgaard also provides 1031 exchange consulting, guiding investors on how to defer tax on real estate sales when investing the proceeds into another real estate property investment. Our team recognizes the complexity of the real estate industry, so we offer additional advisory services along with tax planning and tax preparation services.

Small Businesses and Family-Owned Business

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, locally and nationally. Family businesses face unique challenges in every phase of their development — from start-up struggles to changes in ownership. Welgaard has decades of experience helping businesses reach their goals. We are proud to assist businesses with business tax preparation and other related tax services. Our goal is to empower small business owners to learn to set and achieve objectives that provide a firm foundation for long term success.

And More

Welgaard associates are also skilled and experienced with business tax preparation and accounting services for industries like retail, wholesale, manufacturing, professional services and more.

Welgaard Tax Services in Des Moines, IA & Surrounding Areas

The Welgaard team is eager to partner with you for all types of tax prep services. Whether you need individual income tax preparation, small business tax planning services or answers for general tax-related questions, trust Welgaard. Our Des Moines area and northern Missouri accountants and tax experts are available to support you and your goals.

Our Iowa offices are located in Pella, Altoona, Urbandale, and Mount Ayr, and our Missouri offices are in Stanberry and Bethany. Contact us to get started with our professional tax services. Our team is looking forward to learning how we can support you.