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Let Welgaard provide the in-depth knowledge you need to optimize the use of QuickBooks® in your organization. Our staff of certified ProAdvisors collectively has decades of QuickBooks® experience. We offer services for both QuickBooks® Desktop (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise), and QuickBooks® Online.

QuickBooks® ProAdvisors

Our QuickBooks® ProAdvisors are professionals that have been trained, tested, and recognized as someone that can assist QuickBooks® clients how to best leverage their QuickBooks® software from both technical and accounting perspectives. ProAdvisors have extensive training, software tools, and dedicated support resources to ensure they provide you with hands on support when you need it.

QuickBooks® Setup

Welgaard can help you use the QuickBooks® platform more efficiently. A ProAdvisor from our team will meet with you, address the needs or issues that you are dealing with, and help you explore the QuickBooks® features that best benefit your business. Ask us about our one on one QuickBooks® client training today!

Our team can complete the initial QuickBooks® set up and installation for you. Whether this is your first move to an electronic accounting program or if you need to convert files from other accounting systems to QuickBooks®—we will make sure you are on the right track, ensuring your QuickBooks® starts out with the correct information. Our team can set up the chart of accounts with the correct beginning balances. We can set up your company with the correct filing tax. QuickBooks® can make bookkeeping more efficient, but it only works well when it is set up correctly on the front end. Welgaard also offers a monthly review service of your QuickBooks® data to assist in tax preparation and management reports.


Bookkeeping services provided by our experienced staff are offered to our QuickBooks® clients as well. Using QuickBooks® bank feeds is a seamless way to link your bank account to your QuickBooks®, so it directly imports transactions. Our team can train clients on how to properly accept those transactions, so they are correct in the software. We can also enter in or review your transactions, clean up any stray entries, customize reports, perform bank reconciliations and balance general ledgers.

QuickBooks® is also a great option for invoicing a customer, receiving the payments and depositing the funds in the correct bank account. Our ProAdvisors can train on how to send out monthly statements and how to customize invoices to reflect the style of each business.

Accounts payable in QuickBooks® is something our team can train clients on as well. You can enter bills from vendors and pay those bills directly out of QuickBooks®. This dramatically cuts down on errors that can happen in paying bills. You can use QuickBooks® to prepare for the end of the year when 1099’s need to be sent out and process 1099’s as well.

Another great tool in QuickBooks® is the use of inventory. Our ProAdvisors can set up inventory items and train clients on how to set new inventory up for future entries. We will also teach you how to adjust inventory quantities.

QuickBooks® offers multiple reports. Our team can train clients on how to create, customize and use the reports to manage a business.


For clients that utilize QuickBooks® to process their own payroll we can help trouble shoot with there are questions or issues. Please check out our payroll services if you are wanting us to take care of all your payroll processing needs.

Sales Tax

Like payroll, QuickBooks® has an excellent sales tax module that will help a small business to be able to file their own sales tax correctly. Our team can help you ensure the set up for sales tax items is correct in order to give you accurate information.

If QuickBooks® is the right fit for your organization, we offer client discounts on the purchase price of QuickBooks® Desktop, or the monthly fee of QuickBooks® Online.

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Linda Anderson
Todd Asper, CPA
Morgan Beyer, CPA
Stephanie Bitner, CPA
Nancy Boehm
Emily Boender
Michelle Brouwer
Kasiah Brown, CPA
Emily Brown, CPA
Abbigail Bruxvoort
Joshua Buckingham, CPA
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Sondra Comer
Chuck Converse, CPA
Brenda Cordes
Darlene Danielson, CPA
Jodi De Berg
Jennifer Deaver, SHRM-CP
Jared DeVries
Lance Dieleman, CPA/PFS
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Heidi S. Ernst, CPA
Whitney Esry, CPA
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Colton Fitzpatrick
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Megan Gernetzke
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