Tax Manager

Position Purpose

Fulfill the corporate mission and vision by performing Tax Manager duties and fulfilling performance expectations in accordance with Firm values.  


Performance Expectations

The Tax Manager is expected to:

  1. Ensure excellent client service
  2. Project management
  3. Business Development
  4. Assist Seniors with Book of Business and/or manage Book of Business



This position works 2150 hours each year. During our busy season, January through mid-April, our tax staff work an average of 60 hours per week. Outside of tax season our team works a 3-4 day work week, with our offices being closed on Fridays.


The Tax Manager position’s purpose will be achieved by effectively demonstrating:

A. Planning, supervision and completion of routine engagements under the supervision of the Senior Account Manager.

  1. Prepare income tax returns and financial statements.
  2. Perform accounting and other engagement services according to established protocol.
  3. Facilitate smooth engagement execution through delegation and management of projects through appropriate Department Managers.
  4. Represent clients before the IRS.
  5. Analyze tax notices and draft responses and/or review tax notice responses for Senior Account Manager.
  6. Assist the Senior Account Manager in facilitation of client meetings by preparing for and co-facilitating tax planning and other engagement meetings.
  7. Ensure client understanding of fees before services are delivered.
  8. Execute and support quality control procedures to ensure firm operations align with best practices and reporting documents comply with AICPA standards.
  9. Committed to exceptional customer service and seeks to enhance our services on an ongoing basis.
  10. Works efficiently and exercises effective time management.
  11. Supports the strategic direction, operating plans and professional standards of the Firm.
  12. Ensures clients are satisfied by proactively managing, following-up, and ensuring client projects are completed consistently, accurately, and on-time as promised, Firm wide. This includes:
  13. Assisting the Senior Account Manager in obtaining, completing and managing client work.
  14. Monitoring deadlines, ensuring clients’ work and paperwork is received, distributed and completed as planned.
  15. Staying knowledgeable of all processes in the Firm and managing Client projects so they flow smoothly through those processes (e.g. the work queue).
  16. Developing relationships with Clients, gaining their trust, knowing their business/tax situations and ensuring client information and communication is shared in a timely fashion with the Senior Account Manager and the rest of the firm as needed.
  17. Delegating to, collaborating with or working through others, or completing client work for the Senior Account Manager, ultimately following-up and following through.
  18. Assists Senior Account Manager in proactively managing the book of business and ensuring it is profitable.
  19. Promotes the Firm, identifies and meets clients’ needs, seeks new clients, and grows the book of business.
  20. Prevents and solves problems, striving to continually improve the processes and capabilities of the Firm.
  21. Holds peers accountable to firm values.


B. Professional development leadership and supervision.

  1. Remain updated regarding technology advances, general economic trends, political developments, and legislation that could affect the business climate.
  2. Maintain expert knowledge, skills and abilities in the areas of accounting, tax and auditing through participation in continuing education courses, seminars and other learning opportunities.
  3. Represent the Firm through active civic and community participation.
  4. Assist in the design, preparation and/or delivery of training to ensure personnel maintain proficient knowledge, skill and abilities in the areas of accounting and auditing.

C. Client relationship building leadership and supervision.

  1. Develop client contacts and relationships beneficial to the firm.
  2. Cultivate additional service opportunities with existing clients.
  3. Identify, develop and systematically implement agreed upon services that enable the firm to remain on the forefront of customer service delivery.
  4. Collaborate with the Department Managers by communicating effectively, offering expertise when requested and requesting professional input from the Senior Account Manager or other content experts as required.
  5. Identify and offer resources, from an expert pool of internal and external service providers, to help clients achieve specific goals or satisfy particular needs.

D. Facilitation of continuous improvement planning and execution.

  1. Provide the Senior Account Manager with input regarding annual strategic goals and related plans.
  2. Assist personnel in strategic plan preparation and execution under the direction of the CEO.
  3. Continuously monitor, report and discuss firm operations with the CEO to ensure progress toward established goals.
  4. Provide support for strategic plan adjustments through communication and coaching as directed by the CEO.

E. Compliance with all handbook policies and operational procedures.

F. Performance of Firm administrative functions as assigned by the CEO and Owners.

Position Qualifications

A. Education and Experience

  1. A Master’s Degree in accounting from a nationally accredited post-secondary educational institution or a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting with at least three years of experience.
  2. Experience in public accounting with a career history of managing progressively more complex responsibilities, work scope and client assignments.
  3. A current and valid certified public accountant license preferred.
  4. In good standing with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
  5. Ideally has one or more years of experience with Firm operations, and is cross trained in business and individual tax.

B. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Leadership. Demonstrated influence of positive leadership, confidence and encouragement. A respected leader with a clear sense of direction and vision; able to lead in an environment of constant change; and desire to challenge, inspire and motivate a team to achieve high goals.
  2. Customer Service. Demonstrated use of principles and processes for providing outstanding customer service. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services and evaluation of customer satisfaction.
  3. Judgment and Decision Making. Demonstrated ability to systematically consider relative costs and benefits of potential actions; critically analyze related variables; and logically apply reasoning when selecting goals and making plans.
  4. Communication. Demonstrated use of communication to understand and correctly interpret information and ideas presented through non-verbal, verbal and written modes as well as to convey information and ideas professionally to clients, staff, individuals and groups through presentation of words, actions, and documentation.
  5. Productivity. Demonstrated ability to consistently maintain performance efficiency of self and others in a complex environment where daily work and special projects must be completed in a pleasant and timely manner.
  6. Technology. Demonstrated use of computers, Microsoft Office Suite software, internet and other electronic means to gather and disseminate information; communicate with colleagues and customers; construct and revise Word and Excel documents; and store and retrieve data.
  7. Economics and Accounting. Demonstrated use of economic and accounting principles/practices, financial market/banking analysis and succinct reporting of financial data.
  8. Attendance. Demonstrated ability to consistently arrive to work on time and remain focused on task throughout the day without allowing distractions to interfere with completion of work.

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