Renae Vos

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Renae processes payroll and related payroll tax returns as well as assists clients with their bookkeeping and financial statement preparation. After high school, she joined our group as a part-time employee in 1999, while attending AIB. Renae likes to work with clients to give them the service they deserve. While email and technology are great, she still likes to pick up the phone and have a personal conversation with her clients. She enjoys the fact that there is usually a concrete answer when working with numbers.


Associate’s Degree as an Accounting Assistant from American Institute of Business

Community Involvement

Member of Third Reformed Church
Volunteer at my children's classroom activities

What do you like about working at Welgaard

They respect my desire to work part-time and work with me to balance work and family time

Interests & Hobbies

Family time with her 3 kids
Book club
Iowa State Athletics

Describe yourself with one word